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Version history

9.5.3 2023-03-27

  • Power Saving Mode
  • New switch to disable all resource-intensive processes with one click.
  • Individual autoplay settings for videos, GIFs, stickers, animated emoji and more.
  • Power saving mode turns on automatically based on battery charge.
  • Bug fixes, performance improvements and all that jazz.

9.4 2023-02-05

  • This Telegram update adds a few major improvements:
  • EMOJI CATEGORIES: Filter stickers and emoji by categories like "love", "celebration" or "sleeping" in the sticker and emoji tabs.
  • CHAT TRANSLATION: As a Premium user, translate entire chats in real time as you scroll them or receive new messages.
  • NETWORK USAGE: Check how much of your data was spent on Telegram in the updated Network Usage section in Settings.
  • MEDIA PERMISSIONS IN GROUPS: Control whether members of your groups can send 9 distinct media types – like Photos, Voice or Video Messages.
  • TRENDING EMOJI: As a Premium user, check out trending emoji packs in the emoji panel and long press an emoji to zoom in.
  • SELECT CHATS FOR BOTS: Bot developers can now let users quickly select groups, channels or contacts that meet predefined criteria (more in @BotNews).
  • This release also contains crash fix for macOS 10.12.6 and other improvements.

9.3.1 2023-01-16

  • We found someone's letter to Santa and implemented everything on the list:
  • Hidden Media
  • Media with spoiler effects. You can wrap photos and videos you send in a fuzzy cover by selecting media in the attachment menu and tapping (⋯) > Hide With Spoiler.
  • Zero Storage Usage
  • Auto-remove cached media. You can choose how long cached media is kept in Private Chats, Groups, and Channels – and add exceptions for specific chats.
  • Removing media by type. Separate tabs with Media, Files, and Music from all chats let you quickly clear the largest files.
  • Pie charts. The new design helps you see what's taking up space.
  • Dwarves with calculators. Cache size is now calculated a lot faster.
  • Reminder: All cached media you remove remains accessible in the cloud and can be re-downloaded if needed.
  • Profile Pictures for Your Contacts
  • Setting pictures for your contacts. You can choose your own picture for a contact – only you will see it on their profile.
  • Suggested profile pictures. When editing your contacts, you can suggest a photo for their profile. It will take them just two taps to add the picture you suggested.
  • Public profile pictures. If you only allow certain users to see your profile photos, you can set a public picture for everyone else.
  • Ultimate profile picture privacy. You can set 'Who can see my profile photos' to 'Nobody' and add some users or groups as exceptions.
  • Hiding Members in Large Groups
  • Member list privacy. Owners of large groups can hide the list of members.
  • The letter also mentioned taking over the world and a puppy, but we hope the real Santa will be able to handle that – now that we've done the rest.

9.2.1 2022-12-09

  • Global Auto-Delete
  • You can set a Global Auto-Delete Timer for all new chats and groups you create.
  • New messages will be deleted after 1 day, week, month – or a custom duration you choose.
  • The new menu in Settings > Privacy and Security > Auto-Delete Messages also lets you set up Auto-Delete for any of your existing chats faster.
  • Topics 2.0
  • Admins of groups with 100+ members can organize discussions into separate topics.
  • Topics 2.0: Navigation
  • Topics now have a two-column layout that keeps recent chats easily accessible as you browse topics.
  • Previews of topic messages in the chat list work like a button – tap to jump to the message or hold to preview the topic.
  • When in a topic, you can hold the 'Back' button to go back to All Chats.
  • Topics 2.0: Organization
  • Up to 5 topics can be pinned to the top of the list.
  • Each topic now supports multiple pinned messages.
  • The 'View as Messages' mode now shows which topic each message belongs to.
  • Badge counters for topics you never opened will have a lighter, less distracting color.
  • Topics 2.0: General Topic
  • A new 'General' topic is now included by default, containing service messages and the earlier message history from the group.
  • Admins can rename the General topic or hide it in the topic list.
  • Aggressive Anti-Spam for Groups
  • Large groups can enable 'Aggressive Filtering' in Group Info > Administrators to remove more spam with automated algorithms.
  • Admins help improve filtering by reporting any false positives in 'Recent Actions'.