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One step towards Privacy, disable ad preferences in your Android and iOS devices

The ad identifier - aka “IDFA” on iOS, or “AAID” on Android - is the key that enables most third-party tracking on mobile devices. Disabling it will make it substantially harder for advertisers and data brokers to track and profile you, and will limit the amount of your personal information up for sale.

In Android:
- go to settings> Google> ads > delete advertising id

In iOS:
- go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking> turn off "Allow apps to Request to Track

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One step Towards Privacy:
If you're using Android 10 and above your phone might be collecting your info without your consent!

Follow above steps to disable Enhanced Intelligent Services

- Go to settings and search Enhanced Intelligent Services (tap to copy)
- check if its turned on (if you find it)
- if it is turned on, disable it immediately

Many phones like oppo, OnePlus, etc have this feature enabled without user consent, it shares your info like: location, sms, call logs, calendar events, etc.
We urge the users to disable it.

#OneStepTowardsPrivacy | @NoobiezX