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Get a free ride to vaccination Center with uber!

These free rides will be deployed to help vulnerable citizens travel to and from authorised vaccination centres in the second phase of the vaccination drive.

This will be available from March 8 onwards

More info;

Update on Call Bomber

× Added new APIs.
× Added Captcha To prevent unusual spam.

> https://Call.TheBomber.iO

Get Password in @NoobiezHQ by sending #callbomber

Data Breach On MobiKwik

Around 8.2tb containing 36,009,759 files (containing aadhar cards/pancards other kyc documents you've submitted) Leaked!

Around 99,224,559 Users details including phone number, email ids, hashed passwords, addresses, bank accounts, card details, etc.

What should one do?
1. You can change your upi pin/password (if any in MobiKwik)
2. You can change your upi id (not necessary, only if needed)
3. You can transfer your wallet money to your bank/ac.

Another data breach On Facebook

Around 533 Million Facebook Users Phone Numbers and Personal Data Leaked Online.

Change your Password now!

Join group Off-Topic

> @NoobiezOffTopic
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👉🏻 @covidheper 👈🏻

You can get help from other suppliers/providers in this group. (This group is not by us)

Take care guys

stay safe

Request all of my friend whoever has Flipkart coin instead of raping it do effective work.

Go to Flipkart
Then go for coin section
Then go for claim now section
And then you will see covid donation

Using Flipkart coin you can donate oxygen Cylinder refill of both 1 kg and 10 kg and
1 HR of ambulance service
1 ply mask.

They charges some coins for that hope you all atleast contribute some


"Okay Google what is the factorial of 100"

Non iPhone users only
Some spam accounts in telegram now posting fake premium tools In groups, little advice would be don't download it/open it.

- The file would be mostly an .exe file extension or inside a zip (mostly .rar) it would be same .exe or py program.

- There are some channels who posts mod apks too they put a backdoor inside and you wouldnt even know it.

- It's most like RAT or Backdoor/ Viruses.

- what to do?
> Just simply scan the file for viruses or just go to and you will get easy results.


Direct Link >

Two new data breachs on Domino's & AirIndia

Leak includes: Mobile, Email, Addresses total Order Amount With total Number Of Orders Placed

What can one do?
This is already leaked so one can't do anything about it, just change your password (if any) and don't store your card details anywhere from now on.

This is 4th / 5th data breach in india this year!


Another Data breach on MoneyControl

Around 700k users data is allegedly put on sell for around 350$

> Around 40mil+ users data was stolen from MoneyControl's Server.

> This Data includes: Email, Password, Country, phone, pincode, address, city, dob (May include more info but currently this much is available for sell)

Change your password & change password From everywhere, where the password is same