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Transloader is a Index for Rapidleech Websites available on the Open Internet.
For DMCA Contact the Respected Site Owner's.
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DL Routing is now completely Fixed.


Should work without opening in browsers.

Telegam to Link Generator Bot

It has Free and Premium Plans. Alot of advanced features as well.

Try it.

For Completely Free Bots
Use @LinkerX2bot and @LinkerX3bot
(Not a Promotion)
All Telegram Stream Bot Updates and New Stream Bots in this channel to keep it different and maintained.
Forwarded from TG Archive 🇮🇳
Music Bot is Here


Works in Inline as well as with Search Command.

Powered by @ShiNobiProjects

Website isn't available right now. Will be made soon. Use Bot for now. connects with Storage CDN and Telegam to serve files.

You can find Movies and Shows Here

Mostly in English and Hindi Language.

It's free and without any ads.
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TG Archive Sites

Owned by Hash Hackers and Others (Upload Movies and Shows and Non Adult) (Upload Adult Only) (Upload Anything)

You can Share them anywhere.
Login is required to use.
Free from Ads.
Supports Personal Channel to Save Files.
Some Supports User Uploads
Telegram Search Bots

For MOVIES, 👉 @SearchMoviesBot
For BOOKS, 👉 @ExploreBookBot
For SONGS 👉 @GetSpotifyBot / @SaavnDLBot / @GetiTunesBot

No ADs !
Some Users wanted to Transload Google Drive Files.

You can Login and then use it to download files or transload them to Transloader.
Forwarded from Hash Hackers (Bhadoo)
Looks like 1337x lifted the Cloudflare Security from site. is up now.
Experimental Cloudflare AI Chat Group

Topics are model for each different model, more to be added soon.

Uses Beta models only as they are the only ones free.

For TG Archive Bots

Things are a little complicated.
But once you setup everything, its done.
Just watch the video on how to make and set channel. (HD)

This is to protect you and us from a lot of potential problems in future.

A Full Tutorial will be uploaded in next few days with how to do what and how to enjoy TG Archive Network.

Use the bot before 31st May 2024 at least once to get your profile activated. After that the services will become invite only.

Note: You can add LinkerX Bots to same channel and it'll make your life easier by giving you download links to all files you get from TG Archive.
If you use 1337x

Here is our API Based Web App for 1337x

easily get Magnet Links without any ads and Basic Clean UI
YT Revanced APK Builds

Having Trust Issues? Make your own using this.
Hamster Kombat will list soon.

What to do?

1. Click to Start the Bot
2. Collect Daily Task Coins.
3. Complete Basic Earn Tasks.
4. Invite Friends.
5. Burn as much as coins as you can.
6. Use Mining page to burn coins.
7. Join their chat to get free 6 M coins everyday.
8. More coins you burn by claiming cards, more your hourly mining power increasing.
9. More the Mining Power, more coins you'll get in the Airdrop.
10. Basically free money for daily 15 minutes of work.
11. Note, you need not alot of coins. Just burn more you get everyday. Burning by claiming cards.