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πŸ” RT @XScoder: Huge, huge thanks to all who contributed to my 1M milestone

Your support is awesome, it means the world to me. Oh, and I hope my game didn’t twist your 🧠 too much 🀣
πŸ” RT @AlejandroPiad: In this sense, the differences between languages and frameworks blur.

Python is a language. And Python + FastAPI is another language, a language where you can talk about routes and HTTP responses. Same with Python + Keras, a language to talk about neural network architectures.
πŸ” RT @AlejandroPiad: When you study programming languages and compilers, you begin to see all of programming as ultimately a task of language design.

You take an existing language (say Python) and upgrade it with new abstractions until you have a DSL where your domain problem can be expressed.
πŸ” RT @Snowden: Beginning with an increase in paper notes, continuing with the cancellation of the right to exchange them for the more precious coin, and culminating in the debasement of the coin itself, the State finally achieved β€œsovereign currency:” a handsome napkin.
πŸ” RT @KassandraSanch: Me writing JavaScript
This media is not supported in your browser
πŸ” RT @nixcraft: "The Linux Guy" pitching Linux desktop to average users ...
πŸ” RT @Kuys_Potpot: *hours of back-end pain later*
CW: It may contain horny content for fediverse users out here. Beware.
*slaps a video of @Hyun_Dojo hyunrolling instead of the usual rickroll video*
πŸ” RT @PrasoonPratham: Unpopular opinion: The Keras and TensorFlow docs are better than 90% of the machine learning tutorials and resources out there 😬
πŸ” RT @TheJackForge: Before I knew web development, I thought the Internet was magic.

Then the magic fades once you realize that it's just arrays, objects, booleans, and IF/ELSE statements. πŸ˜…
@MegaxDark @Kuys_Potpot usual thought: did Yoopia did this?
πŸ” RT @heyblake: Apps that keep getting better over time:

β€’ Twitter
β€’ TikTok
β€’ LinkedIn
β€’ YouTube

Apps that keep getting worse over time:

β€’ Facebook
β€’ Instagram
β€’ WhatsApp

Notice a trend?
πŸ” RT @TheJackForge: The best code is written after midnight.
πŸ” RT @natmiletic: Backlinks are still the most important ranking factor when it comes to SEO
πŸ” RT @nixcraft: OVH datacenter and cloud is down along with its status page. Good luck to ops teams.
πŸ” RT @Kuys_Potpot: Uhm, @Twitter, is this an @Iinussextips? *laughs behind the scenes*
πŸ” RT @Blizzer_art: Some origin art I guess, πŸ₯Έ