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false alarm
we triggered anti floodwait on this chat
šŸ” RT @CNN: The names of the three victims killed in a bowling alley shooting over the weekend were released by officials Monday.
šŸ” RT @CNN: A Japanese anime blockbuster has beaten the Oscar-winning classic "Spirited Away" to become the country's highest-grossing movie ever ā€” a significant feat as the global entertainment industry reels from the effects of the pandemic.
šŸ” RT @CNN: Ten months since the initial outbreak, frontline health care workers like Chelsey Earnest are finally getting the best weapon available to battle Covid-19: the vaccine.
šŸ” RT @KatKitCat: My brain atm after working over 48 hours straight on finishing Forgotten Cier Chapter 2:
@KatKitCat well, how do we ship GG and Oxob?
- @Kuys_Potpot
šŸ” RT @TheJackForge: A year ago I had no idea how to write code, and now I'm building my own stuff and learning how to do things I never thought I'd be capable of.

If your new years resolution is to become a developer, start now! You will never regret it.
šŸ” RT @joe_isungu: @Keul131 @AmongUsGame @Tatoretot Just think of 2020 being that one person that always suses you. You want him ded. 2021 does the favour.
What if @Kuys_Potpot played this in New Year's Eve?
šŸ” RT @MichalBryxi: #EmberJS: Uncaught Error: Assertion Failed: You attempted to
overwrite the built-in helper "array" which is
not allowed. Please rename the helper. šŸ‘‰
šŸ” RT @CNN: A man charged with killing the pastor of a Texas church had been hiding from police in the church bathroom after a high-speed chase the night before, police said.
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I know that this is a photoshop, but this is fucking hilarious
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asking Durov for the n-word pass