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Someone sent this on some group for someone but I think I need this more.
And incase you do never forget to read it again sometimes words of comfort can means alot.
"Bro dont get panic sometime you feels that nothing is happening but never lose your confidence keep exploring and practising you can also download black box for improve your skill how to hack machine and secure system and Remember one thing bro HACKING IS THE ART OF EXPLOITATION AS MUCH YOU EXPLORE ABOUT IT YOU WILL GET DEEPER AND MORE DEEPER
keep hustling
Hustle hard beleive in yourself
Everything is possible
I am not a professional but i can guide someone that he can do better in this field"
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3 Brain Activation Exercises for Beginners
A collection of links to public records databases for finding information on people and companies around the world.
20 Linux administration tips and tricks to help you excel in #DevOps career
#Cloud monitoring cheatsheet
Finally Finished working on Guestbook
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Kantara - Varaha Roopam(Lyric Video)| Sai Vignesh | Rishab Shetty | Ajaneesh Loknath | Hombale Films — I already did 112 attempts to fetch this feed and I failed every time.
The last error was: HTTP 502 — the website looks temporary dead
So I'm deleting it from your subscription /list.