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bhadoomusic.eu.org is live with New API

Data by @ShinobiProjects

Data is being uploaded and will take around a month or two due to too many music files data to be uploaded.
A Telegram Bot which Returns JSON data of a message or file sent to it.


Can be used by New Users or Developer's on how Telegram RAW api returns things.

Or things related to a file eg it's unique id or a channel message details.

In basic, it returns the json of the entire message Telegram send to the server for that specific message.

Also sends a file with Pretty JSON to use easily. Sometimes messages are too big to fit in a message.
Forwarded from TG Archive 🇮🇳
TG Archive Sites

Owned by Hash Hackers and Others

tgarchive.eu.org (Upload Movies and Shows and Non Adult)
adult.tgarchive.eu.org (Upload Adult Only)
mixmedia.tgarchive.eu.org (Upload Anything)

You can Share them anywhere.
Login is required to use.
Free from Ads.
Supports Personal Channel to Save Files.
Some Supports User Uploads
Fixed bollywood.eu.org to work with New TG API

Report Issues with Screenshots.
Try the Web App


Use Service Account JSON for now to upload to your own Shared Drive.

Other Features and UI changes will come later.
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Hash Hackers
Try the Web App https://web.zindex.eu.org Use Service Account JSON for now to upload to your own Shared Drive. Other Features and UI changes will come later.
Site Updated with User Login and other bug fixes.

Recommend Features and if someone can help maintain and improve this then I will make this Open Source as well. Users will be able to host it themselves.
Some users faced problems while accessing bollywood.eu.org

If you were one of them and saw constantly loading bar, the issue was that the API is blocked by your ISP.

We've proxied the API now.

If you face any problem, please comment below.
@HashHackers Thanks and appreciates the Content Rippers, Encoders and all those who put their effort in providing almost free access to alot of digital content. We also invite you to upload your content to tgarchive.eu.org using the Bot, all file names and captions are preserved and no credits will be stolen from the Uploaders.

Bot username can be retrieved from website, when u click on login the bot name appears, you can click on it to go to the bot. Or if you login, then the bot appears in your chat automatically by Telegram.

Special Thanks from me (Bhadoo) for making my digital life better, cost effective and easier.
Looks like 1337x lifted the Cloudflare Security from site.

1337x.hashhackers.com is up now.

If any ad appears, let me know, I'll remove those in evening as new changes could have been added by 1337x.
Found Old The Pirate Bay Proxy Code

Just some Tests because someone suggested this in 1337x Forum and I couldn't sleep well because of it.


May contain Bugs. (also could die anytime due to external sources)

Disclaimer: uses External APIs and Sites to fetch data. The site itself is just of 10 KB.
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To GTB and BRC Account Holders. Renew as soon as possible. We'll start deleting accounts which doesn't renew. And those who renews will see the storage may decrease or increase time to time depending on number of users renews. Mostly the storage will increase…
BRC and GTB Accounts suspension will start in a few days.

deletion will happen on 1st of May 2024 for those, who will not renew under suspension.

Those who have sent the dues, you won't see any suspension.