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Index is updated.

Speed and Cache Added.
Secure API Added.
Handled All Possible Errors.

Index at @TheBayIndex
Anyone wants to buy AWS Lightsail plan of $240.

Price 999 INR or 15 USD. 8 vCPU 32 GB RAM 640 GB SSD 7 TB Bandwidth (in and out both included) 3.5 TB for Mumbai. Network Port Speed is not mentioned for Lightsail. Just asking first, Will bring if inters
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We are writing to let you know that we’ve updated the Google Workspace for Education Terms of Service. Starting on or around October 3, 2022, you'll see a prompt to accept the updated Terms of Service when you open the Admin Console.

When you see this prompt, accept the new Terms of Service. You will not be able to use the Admin Console until the new terms are accepted.

To review the terms ahead of time, read the Google Workspace for Education Terms of Service.
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According to the report, the government may have banned VLC download from the official website as some cybersecurity experts claimed that the Chinese hacker group named Cicada used VLC to deliver malware. The attack is claimed to be backed by the Chinese government.

Source: IndiaTimes.
Now convert any Public Google Drive File Link into Public Secure Link (protect your Google Drive Links)


Generated Download Links are valid for 4 days.
Web Services including Support, offline until 30th Sept 2022.

Automated Services will be unmaintained but will be kept running.

Reason: Exams
Darklang is still free, if you're into learning a new functional programming language and way of testing and deploying stuff.
There's also Fly.io which has a "trial" tier that seems decent.
Railway has a pretty good looking free plan (more memory than some of the other options at least).
Deta seems to be entirely free -- I just had a browse around the main page and couldn't figure out what the catch is, other than it's limited to Python and Node.
Render has a decent-looking free tier, supporting Node, Python, Go, Rust, Ruby and Elixir. They also seem to have Postgres and Redis support on the free tier which is cool.

Source: Reddit
Test this one


I suggest, use for downloading instead of streaming.

Mostly work for files as files have extentions.
Some still don't know about this.

It's useful stuff if you use Google Mail or Gmail.

For Google Drive Index Users

Must Try
Origin Proxy Mirror for Linux Distros

Test and Report your Local Speeds

Note: Please note that this mirror may not give high speeds as you get at your local mirrors, this is designed to provide support to users in countries where all mirrors are slow.

3.1 MB
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