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Some users are having problems using rclone due to limits or some other reason. As unable to authenticate due to OOB flow thing getting depreciated.

I suggest use service account with rclone, as it doesn't require any additional authentication.

You add the SA to your drives and use it directly in rclone Config.

If anyone wants to make a tutorial, it's much appreciated. Make sure the tutorial is very easy and contains all steps for users who are like me. Or I'll make it when I've some time.
Updates for The Bay Index

Test API for 1337x Single Item Search


Made on Cloudflare Workers using JS

if works good, then will make full fledged api.
Basic rclone usage to Clone TD, Download or Upload Data from PC.


Update: Now you can browse Public Google Drive Folders too.

More than 1000 files per page are not supported at the moment. (will add if needed someday)
Forwarded from Destinyz Torrent Cloud Updates (Tobi)
KC Global Media Asia has expanded distribution of Animax channel in India via Jio TV.

Anime fans in India can view best of Japanese anime via Animax on Jio TV.

Animax is now available on Jio TV.

Fans can enjoy superhit titles like Gintama, Kubo Won’t let me Invisible, Blue Lock etc only on Animax!!

Join - @DestinyTorrentCloudUpdates
Should I make an Open Website to upload content using links to Google Drive using Browser and Cloudflare Workers? Without using our own bandwidth. 😅
Like upto 10 or 20 GB per file.
Anonymous Poll
Can't be done on CF Workers
Test Upload Small Files like 1 to 5 GB Files or so. Don't Complain, This is Test App Only. Don't use parameter files, they'll fail for now.

Or Try Below


Version 3.1 (check version or open both links to update the site)
Works For Now. Updated.
Do Full Process to Update. Open Both Links
Anyone has DC2 spare number which isn't on Telegram.

I'll make account and change number, you can still make new account on it. I've done it in the past and it works. Need DC2 as we've bot but need dc2 premium account to upload files faster I Guess. You can get access to TheBayIndex in exchange of this.

DM @Bhadoo
A Fork of the repo to support Shared Drive

WebDav Thing if someone wants, can use this.

Simple plyr.io Implemented Browser Video Player

is Updated and Completely Encrypted Now

If you're a developer, find bugs or can expose drive id of folders or files, send report to security@hashhackers.com
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Linkedin Premium for 12 Months


Also get complimentary access to TheBayIndex.

Users who's unable to pay due to payment failure, contact @Bhadoo with more details. There are multiple payment methods available outside store eg. Crypto Currency.