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Archive TG Files Bot
Now you can store files, fetch them, download them via HTTP.

All in one place.

Upcoming: Website with Database. (No ETA)

I am Lazy and wanted to Try ChatGPT

So i used ChatGPT to write code for ArchiveBot API and it's UI.

Website Coming Soon.

Made by ChatGPT and Me. 😜
Testing Proxies on Telegram, will make repo if everything went Good.

Try https://telegramweb1.netlify.app from location and ip where Telegram is blocked.

Uses https://github.com/morethanwords/tweb with Proxy using Netlify and Cloudflare

uses additional proxy url, websocket ones from zindex.eu.org.

Chrome thinks this url as dangerous because it's clone of the Telegram web app.

Basically it is as the code is open-source. But it's safe as we only used proxy. Other than that nothing changed in the Repo.
Will Make Better Later

Basic is Ready

Didn't had time to do things here

Added Login and Send File to Telegram Function


Search Index contains files above 200 MB only to keep small trash files out of database.

Also index is updated on sites in every few days. Like today updated upto 113000 number file.

Some New Changes

* Data from LinkerXBot is being copied here, thanks to their Admin.
* Now Search should show better results.
*Eu.org domain
* Send 2 Telegram Function
* Download via HTTP
* Only Video and Documents
* Files min size 200 MB inside Index
* Files Page List is in descending order by Time.

The site is still experimental, as Database used is D1 by Cloudflare, is in Alpha Stage.

Suggest more features if you can. Suggest UI changes if you can.
Users are requested not to upload Adult 18+ content on the ArchiveTgFilezBot. If you need, we can bring a Seperate Index for this. 🙏🙏🙏
Found that old Project Files so deployed.


I don't know java. so if anyone can add features.

Here is the repo https://github.com/PBhadoo/gdupload

This is Demo Server, you can deploy it yourself on any server especially on GCP to avoid any bandwidth charges.
Forwarded from TG Archive


Speed is increased to display results. 😜

A Cloudflare Workers Script to Clone TG Channels.

Code is very rough, needs to be cleaned and reduced (will do when have some time). Read warnings on Readme first.

Direct access available. Visit Website thebayindex.eu.org
Email sent to all New Donators.

Also Check Spam Folder.
If you don't do this, you will not be added to The Bay Index. Always read carefully.


Download Anything from Public or Private Telegram Channels, Add @HHTGFilezDLBot and then Download

Format is as above. Add Channel ID and Message id as shown in above message.

May or May Not Work. 😜 Just Testing
Don't Message the Bot. Use the URL Above.
There are bugs, still have to fix.
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