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In one of Our Workspaces, people have used over 2.42 PB of space. It was made in May-June 2022 and the Name on TD Appeared as 100 GB Drive All those users have enjoyed this much storage free for almost 2 years. Unfortunately we've to delete this now due…
Free TDs generated from Free TD Generators from @HashHackers will be deleted completely in next few weeks.

Please move your data somewhere. Some drives are already deleted yesterday. I didn't knew people are so attached with free ones.

Paid Drives may get upload restricted for some time but will eventually be fixed in a few weeks.
All Paid Shared Drive Users.

You're requested to follow this.

1. Find Duplicates, and Delete them permanently.
2. Remove Unwanted Data, and Delete them permanently.
3. We're fixing the Storage Space, it may take some time.
Hash Hackers
All Paid Shared Drive Users. You're requested to follow this. 1. Find Duplicates, and Delete them permanently. 2. Remove Unwanted Data, and Delete them permanently. 3. We're fixing the Storage Space, it may take some time.
Another Update

Those Paid Shared Drive users, who had 2 drives each.
One Main and One Backup

Shift all your data to Main Drives

Those who want to shift to Backup, email me after moving data from Main to Backup, so we can delete the main one.

Other Backup Drives will be deleted next month.

Note: Both will become Main as storage will be divided and users will be divided into both Workspaces.
EDU Accounts available for Sale

Current Prices are for Rest of the Year 2024. (Price is adjusted to 6 months because 2024 is half gone)
Renews as per mentioned Price.
New Users Only

Read Product Details on Product Page Carefully.

For Old Users (Renew before end of April 2024, or account will be deleted, FINAL Notice)

Note: Delivery period is not 24 hours anymore, it's 7 to 15 days.

Hash Hackers will purge 10 PBs of data at the end of May.

recently purged 4.5 PBs of data.
TG Archive APIs and Source Code are updated to fix some vulnerabilities.

The site should auto logout, in case you see any problem, Clear Site Cache and login once again.

Still facing an issue, comment below with screenshots.

8543 users have registered till now.
Hash Hackers Personal Drive Updates

for those who didn't renew, (have to free space for those who renewed)

your drives are being deleted right now.

Thank You!
Google is mysterious.

So if you've any data anywhere, either that is on a Shared Drive (Free or Paid) or Gmail Drive (15 GB), make sure if that is lost, you don't feel any serious loss.

Anything can happen anytime, without you doing nothing.

Also, nothing has happened, this is just a reminder and friendly advice (although, take this seriously).

Don't blame anyone if anything ever lost because you did not had several backups of your personal items.

There is always a 0.01 % chance where everything goes to Sh*t.

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Bollywood.eu.org Users

Authentication mechanism is updated. Please logout and login again to get files. Also use of channel is compulsory now, bot won't send files to you in private.

Follow Bot instructions.
Shared Drives users at Bhadoo Cloud Drives

Please move your data to single drive, those who were given two drives. 1 drive was complimentary and must be removed. Secondly remove duplicate files or files that you don't need. This is important because if you want us to continue provide this service and offer Renewals in future, you must store what's important, than all kinds of bad data. Try to be responsible.

Again, move data from Backup to Main Drive if you've stored.

And if you are moving data from Main to Backup, then email us that you want to keep the Backup Drive and then we'll delete the Main one.

Both Workspaces will stay, but we need to divide users into both to overcome storage issues.

Renewals for 100 TB drives won't be available in future, the reason is the price and storage ratio which isn't viable anymore.

A blazing fast javascript framework to make serverless telegram bots on Cloudflare Workers!

It uses telegram bot API and is runs on Cloudflare Workers.


Join the telegram channel - @flaregram
Hey lovely Archive Users,

Just a little heads-up: mark your calendars for May 31st, 2024, at 23:59:59 IST because that's when our Telegram Archive Services are taking a swanky shift to a Private Community Model. Oh, and just a heads-up, we're not doing the whole invitation thing yet, 'cause, well, it's not in the code. But no worries, you'll get your VIP pass later, or not.

Consider this your last call!

xo, P
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Hamster Pre-market Listing

17 June 2024 10 AM UTC

Only available to existing users of Telegram Archive.

Season 04

Yescoin, partner's with TON

Probably this one is the Real one.

Join if you still haven't, I'm at 89 Million. 50M + 39M Burned.
Cloudflare Workers is having issues on multiple ISPs around the globe.


Ask your questions on https://community.cloudflare.com
If you see any errors inside the TG Archive Bots, please send them below when you see them.

You can use /invite command in TG Archive Bots to Get your invite link, the link can be used to invite your friends. There is no limit on number of friends you can invite right now. But you're responsible for them and their invited users.

We cannot know about all bugs, please do report them so we can fix them.