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Made a Fun Bot

Using Few Lines of Code, this Bot Reacts to any message it sees in Group, Channel or Private Chat. The Reaction is Random.


If you guys like it then I'll add customization functionality as recommended by users. If not, then will leave it as it is.

Currently it's using all Emojis supported by Telegram RAW API.

Check it in action at this Channel's comments Group.

Allow All Reactions to use this Bot in Group or Channel. Otherwise it'll miss sometimes due to random reaction not available.
I can significantly improve the Index code if we can remove the path system.


Instead of /folder/folder/file.ext

We can do

Like this.

We can add database and others alot of things.

5 Million x 1.5 USD (minimum average)

Minimum 7.5 Million US Dollar every month for @Premium on @Telegram
Emergency Update

I can't message each Individual. But I'm about to clean some drives in the SpaceX WorkSpace Organization

If you've Personal Data in a Shared Drive, which can't be shared with public.

In your shared drives names add at the end

[PRIVATE] [YourNameHere]

do this as soon as you get some time.

For other drives that you have add two values.

[SHARE] [YourNameHere]

Delete other empty drives you have. And for once please contact me i.e. Bhadoo about your drives so they won't get deleted in the cleanup. When you message me, send your name, how you got the drive, and what the drive IDs and Name used in the [] above.

Others, you ignore this message.

PS: These are not for sale.
1337x Update

1337x Websites are DDoS attacked as per update on the official site. That's why they have enabled Cloudflare Protection right now.

Until it's cleared or if they remove this security 1337x Proxy by Hash Hackers will stay down.

You can visit official website of 1337x but it's also slow and is showing Bad Gateway several times on several tries.

Shared Drive Storage starting 1000 INR.

Delivery in a week.

Validity, 365 Days from the date of Delivery.

Stable Drives, Read More on Product Page.

Old Users, Renew as soon as possible, drives not renewed will be deleted soon.

More you Guys Purchase, lesser the Renewal Price next time. (covers WorkSpace Charges easily)
In February, Cloudflare D1 Database Service is enabling its Paid Service switching away from currently unlimited Free Plan.

Bots and Sites depending on D1 will see some changes to avoid hitting the limits and to avoid high bills for such free services.

Currently Hash Hackers Bots and Websites are using around 700 USD Worth of Cloudflare D1 each Month.
Bard can now generate images.

Try it.

Suggest other free AI site which generates images better than Bard if you know.
🎁 +2.5k Notcoin as a first-time gift
🎁🎁🎁 +50k Notcoin if you have Telegram Premium @PremiumBot

Fun. Isn't it. Just at Waiting Hall.

Official Coin by Telegram.
Probably Nothing. Maybe Something.
Some bots user services are disabled until further notice.

You'll get maintenance error while accessing them.

Some work is in progress.

Also have to optimize some code to avoid Billing issues on Cloudflare D1.
Changes to storage offerings across Microsoft 365 Education

Beginning at a school’s next contract renewal, but no sooner than August 1, 2024, all school tenants will receive 100TB ​of free pooled storage across OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange, with additional pooled storage per paid user, depending on your subscription.

Probably Nothing

ReVanced YT Updated APKs for Newbies along with Source APKs signed with Same Key everytime.

We're working on the new code base for Telegram Archive Sites and Bots.

It'll be sustainable and will make sure we have no scalability issues.

This takes time due to limited availability of free time in real-life. While the Code for Site is ready, the automation and bot code needs to be updated.

Read more at https://t.me/liquidxprojects/395
TG Archive Update

Upcoming or Recent Changes

1. Shifted to Long Term Solution DB Solution, support for millions of files.
2. Main Archive is almost updated, in a few days all files will be up, currently approx 100k files are pending.
3. Hevc files index is live.
4. Adult index will be updated with same system next.
5. Music index will be updated with same system next.
6. Upcoming index for miscellaneous files, where users can upload anything they want, with almost no restrictions.
7. Inline Search will support only 50 results per search query.
8. Search Command is removed for now, may get added in future, but doesn't seems to be needed.
9. Website search and index is fully functional and returns good results with advanced search Algorithms.
10. Upcoming new update will force users to use personal channel to get files from the bots, this will to avoid DMCA on bots. And users can store those files in their own personal channel directly from site or bot. Currently bot deletes the file after 2 minutes. Users need to forward them to saved messages.