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Don't Ask Who, What or Why.


New thing, so don't know what should we do about these rate limits yet.

Source: https://gitlab.com/ParveenBhadooOfficial/CloudflareAIBot
Binance P2P is now full of scams.

Avoid P2P

Better sell or buy from known People

Especially in India.

Don't prefer UPI. Prefer direct bank deposits via NEFT or IMPS. And avoid unless emergency. Do small amounts.
Bollywood.eu.org Update

Google Drive is heavily Limited and caused alot of issues. So now we've switched to small amount of data and Two Storage Solutions

1st is Telegram
2nd is Cloudflare R2

Database is now hosted on Cloudflare D1

Website is updated.

To add more data in the CDN Storage we'll bring some kind of group to contribute data that people would like there to appear.

Currently TBI Users are contributing the data for the Storage Sub-System.


Don't ask questions for backend. Instead focus on contributing.
The magic you're looking for, is in the work you're avoiding...
Refrain from contacting me in DM.

No new services are available for purchase for now.

Renewals will be done in future, until Renewals are done, all shared drives will keep working until further notice. Enjoy.

Busy Life. Let's catch up later.
{"ok":false,"error_code":400,"description":"Bad Request: the message can't be copied"}

Anyone else facing such issues in Telegram today?

Using RAW Bot API, channel to channel message copy.
Upcoming Archive Bots

Music Bot
More than 2 Million Music Files
By Shinobi

Users can upload or get the files
By Hentie

Hosted entirely on Telegam and Cloudflare
Forwarded from TG Archive 🇮🇳
Music Bot is Here


Works in Inline as well as with Search Command.

Powered by @ShiNobiProjects
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New TG File Stream Repo


Expected to be very Good. Try it.

By @TheCaduceusOfficial
Send /magic to @PremiumBot


PS: I'm not the Wizard.
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For India 🇮🇳 Only

If you've a credit card, then join CRED.

Hi! I use CRED to pay all my bills and claim cashback & rewards on them. Use this invite from me and earn up to ₹250 on your first bill payment on CRED
Drive Renewals will be available after 1st December 2023 for year 2024

1. Normal Shared Drive Buyers can renew those whose expiry is in December 2023
2. GTB and BRC users need to pay before 31 December to keep there accounts for 2024.

Indian users can pay directly, other users have Crypto as an available payment method. Others outside India, cannot continue due to unavailability of International Payment Gateway.

Use of SA is not recommended as Google has limited those. Personal usage and account is recommended to upload and download content from these drives.

Prices will be available on store.hashhackers.com on or after 1st December 2023

Currently Store is Offline.
Forwarded from Transloader [Rapidleech]
Bollywood.eu.org connects with Storage CDN and Telegam to serve files.

You can find Movies and Shows Here

Mostly in English and Hindi Language.

It's free and without any ads.