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Valid for 365 days whenever you buy.

Same applies to Renewals for old users as well.

Dropped support for 100 TB Drives.


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No Strings, Nothing.

Donate as per your choice.

Last Call as many wanted to access the services that are removed from Free Environment.

Personal Use Only, commercial use is prohibited. Limits applied on everything.

Read the Details on Link
What should be done for Bollywood.eu.org?

Locking Links to User IP?

What else to prevent abuse and to keep the service to personal use only?
Hash Hackers
What should be done for Bollywood.eu.org? Locking Links to User IP? What else to prevent abuse and to keep the service to personal use only?
Here is what I'm gonna do.

1. Add login based system, and after some time, the website will become only invite based only.
2. And I'll log how much links a user generates.
3. Set time limit to few hours for each link.
4. Will log number of downloads generated using the website in 1 day.
5. Session based downloads only, meaning user must be logged in to download. Download managers like 1dm already support this so no issue.
6. If still we face errors, I'll remove direct links and make it telegram based only.

Sorry Guys, if this doesn't work out the way it's intended, we'll fallback to Index only version again.

Telegam to Link Generator Bot

It has Free and Premium Plans. Alot of advanced features as well.

Try it.

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Use @LinkerX2bot and @LinkerX3bot
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All Telegram Stream Bot Updates and New Stream Bots in this channel to keep it different and maintained.

Some users got accidental access to TBI Index, it's revoked now.

If you didn't donated, you can't have access. But if you did, you must have joined the channel.

And if you did and aren't in channel for some reason. Send email to support@hashhackers.com from the email you did donated at the beginning. We'll check and resend the email.

For new users

Access to everything is complimentary and not guaranteed. It's a donation, not a subscription.

TBI donation will not stay open forever. It's for limited time.
Forwarded from LiquidX Projects (The Accounter)
Another Amazing Free Service Shut Down Due To Abuse.

RIP AnonFiles.
A Few Downloads Test for Simple Program Web

Downloader: https://storage.zindex.eu.org

Hashes to Use:
1. 00a432f548cd68cb72a8af6d0545c1abde6f79a12453de8f2db289552cd6ac85
2. 00d8994a912831736067cb2df3d271dd6ac965c8887255f1141fd2e6fa2064f3
3. 0c14ad4bb80f858dadada1d19354922d64420251d7328289cb2f97884bf25614
4. 0cd432cda7087a054724e902c6407b5c85bb045bfef02c4d547dd89c566c0d35
5. 0d8d6f4c5373f055a0270d3d4e2ae764af124d944dcfacbc4afcc8ccac8f790d
Back on Free Cloudflare plan for a test ride.

TEST Ride. No Questions.


Previous site will come back. only users who signup here will be able to use that site.

If signup limit exceeded. then retry signup tomorrow.
https://storage.zindex.eu.org now contains 200 375 Files available to Search, more added as they are uploaded.

Goal is to add all Simple Program Files here and also bring an Android App.
Bollywood.eu.org is Up

Telegram system is up.

Download is not added yet, will make new system for download.

Drive won't show much files, will show only from Simple Program.

Hopefully people will join in the system to add missing files, soon.
Max file size per movie is 4 GB and max web show size is 500 MB.
Please open Telegram to view this post
More than 12000 files added including Movies and Shows.

Try it


There is a request group.

Request Fulfillers are appreciated, if have time and resources to upload to drive. We'll upload here once we reach 500 GB in each batch.
A lot of users or Students are wasting their time on Social Media and Now on Telegram.

Trying to make Movie Sites, Ripping Movies and Shows from OTT Providers and many other things.

Note that most of you are wasting your precious time. The ones with Big Channels or Old Movie Site Owners or Content Rippers are the people who are already making money from these sources or other sources and doing this in their free time. and you guys see them as they are PROs and Cool so You want to become like them or something. Don't waste your time guys. Do these things, but in your free time or as a hobby. Don't make these things your priorities.

I myself and others are maybe good at somethings, but we are not wasting our time here, we earn from here and have other sources as well.

So utilize your time on Better things and Learn Something instead of wasting time.