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Mello Spectrum Universal Profile • By @marshmello_61

Noob friendly kernel manager. Shift between 4 profiles (balance, battery, performance, gaming) by just one click.

-- Custom Recovery Must Be Installed
-- Root Access

-- Flash Spectrum Universal Profile Zip in Custom Recovery and reboot device
-- Install Spectrum App
-- Open Spectrum App & give it root access
-- Set preferred profile within spectrum app or you can select profile from qs tiles(Check Screenshots)

⚠️ Disclaimer: This isn't compatible with each and every device. It's impossible for us to test on every device. This is Tested on Qualcomm Chips only, compatibility isn't guaranteed with MediaTek Chips. Tested on Realme 7 Pro & POCO M2 Pro running custom rom. ⚠️

We have added apkpure link for Spectrum App since it's no longer available on Play Store and Github

Credits frap129 xda for Spectrum App
@marshmello_61 for universal spectrum profile
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MemeUI Enhancer • Enhance Your MIUI Experience • By @iamlooper

-- MIUI 11+
-- Magisk Must Be Installed

-- Enhances MIUI for better battery backup and performance by tweaking Core MIUI Services. Tunes some MIUI surfaceflinger props. It disables various com.miui.daemon services which are not needed, resulting in making overall experience better. Better Smoothness, Better Battery & you will notice some Temperature Drop while charging and normal use.

-- Flash in magisk & reboot device.
-- Enjoy Enhanced MIUI

-- If you face any issue and wanna completely disable it and then type su & press enter. After typing su type mienhancer --disable in Termux or any other terminal emulator. This command will disable its optimizations completely. Now, you can simply remove it from magisk modules section.
-- You can see mienhancer.txt in Internal storage. It will show you what type of optimizations MemeUI Enhancer has applied.

Credits @loopprojects
Support Group @loopchats
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Magisk BootloopSaver • By HuskyDG

-- With the release of Android 12, Custom Recoveries Have Encryption Issue. With the help of this module you can protect your system from bootloop caused by Magisk Modules. In case the data partition is encrypted and you cannot access /data/adb/modules(Due to Android 12 Encryption Issue), or you don't want to turn off force encryption. Then this module is for you. If this module detect bootloop caused by some other magisk module then it will turn off all your modules and restart your system.

-- Download the module from given link below & flash in magisk
-- Next time you run into bootloop situation by some magisk module. It will automatically activate in bootloop process and will disable all the modules.

To uninstall this module, Open Termux & type
su -c /data/adb/rm_saver & reboot device. Don't uninstall from magisk. Use this command.

Troubleshooting If Auto Detection is not working then Click Here

Credits HuskyDG

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Pixelify • Enable Pixel Exclusive Features & UI • By @Kingsmanz

-- Latest Magisk Stable
-- Android 7-13
-- Arm64 device
-- Internet
-- Zygisk (Recommended but not compulsary)

Supported Roms
• OneUi
• Custom Roms
• Pixel Stock
• Android One
• FunTouchOS
• Oxygen OS (Android 11 and below)
• Color OS (Android 11 and below)

Unsupported Roms
• Oxygen OS Android 12
• Color OS Android 12

Check Features, Installation & Changelog By Visiting This Page.

Read Troubleshooting From Below Button If You Face Any Issue.

Support Developer
• PayPal Link: Click Here
• UPI: shivan.0972@okhdfcbank

Credits Shivan Singh
Support Group @pixelifysupport
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Pixel Launcher MOD • Android 12 • Android 12L/12.1 • By TeamFiles

Update Available: Click Here

-- Magisk must be installed
-- Android 12 or Android 12L/12.1

If you're a non-root user then you can make recovery flashable version. Check Instructions.

Changelog Click Here

Check Features, Different Variants Details, Instructions & Troubleshooting by Clicking Here. Also Read Details on both varients before flashing them.

Suggestion: Don't Forget To Check Cool Add-ons From Below Buttons

Support Us By Donation

Wanna implement it in your rom? Click Here

• Google for making Launcher
@saitama_96 for modifying launcher
@MrSluffy_69 & @milimnavaUwU for adding DT2S
• My Themed Icons Maker Team @lol_nah, @ninopiamonte, @paper_greg, @datnerdguy, @NeFeroN, @m_adrien @arnavpuranik who contributed in making, adding themed icons and sorting them
• Special thanks to @iamloooper, @Kingsmanz, @xdsolraC & @Suraj_Gangwar
• Post Banner By @MasterBoombastic
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Material You Theme Generator For Telegram • Android 12+ • Non-Root

-- Android 12+

-- Install & Open the application
-- Generate theme
-- Send it to Telegram (to any chat, or to saved messages)
-- Apply Theme

After applying theme it's going back to stock theme? Go to Settings>Chat Settings and Turn Off Auto Night Mode. It will fix that issue.


Thanks to @MasterBoombastic for the post banner.