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Hey Flixers,
We are Sorry about the DownTime that we had today , As an Apology from us we have added 1 Extra Day Subscription For All Premium Users.
App Is Back Online !!
Users who have purchased Premium Elite Today (16 May) after 2PM IST. They are requested to contact their resellers again to get back their subscription.
Some users are reporting, flixtv crashing or not opening issues.
Reason:: ISP Level Block
Solution:: Use VPN
FlixPlay will remain down until next update.
Hey Flixtv Users,
we are noticing people are facing problems with live tv. so we decided to fix and add live tv from scratch.
Live TV will be down for 2 days( can take longer time).
So don't cry for live tv, it will be back soon

Facing any issue? contact us at @Flixtv_supportBot

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FlixTV Is Now Accessible To Elites Only, Get Your Elite Subscription From @flixtvpatronbot
Enjoy 7k+ Indian + Worldwide LiveTV Channels and Tons of Movies & Series.
Get Your FlixTV Premium Pack Worth ₹1/Day.
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So, Finally after Tiring 3 Days of Hardwork. We are done with LiveTV Maintenance. LiveTV is fully up and functional. We appreciate patience of our Elite Members.🔥
All Movie And Series Servers(Sections) Are Under Maintenance Except Ondemand And Recent.

We know you are upset or pissed we are sorry for that

*there is a surprise coming soon for you guys*
Can you guess?

Kindly Stay Calm And Don't Report About Non working Stuff.

Got any issue? contact us at @Flixtv_supportBot
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Those who are fed up with our excuses. Its OK. Even our Government of India failed in handling COVID. Although FlixTV is an app that too paid but it requires real humans to make it work. We are witnessing some toughest time in our personal life and whole world. Those who understand, its fine else its all sums up to you. Here are some fresh updates.

* JX Live TV is Temporary Source. Do Not Expect 100% uptime for it. We have fixed it although.
* Typhon TV requires payment renewal every month, from our admins side, wait Until we recharge typhon account.
* FlixPlay is indefinitely delayed for more time due to technical errors and internal issues in team.
* Now Everyday will be seeing New Sections getting added and old section getting repaired. Do not use favourite feature in App.
* Even App Update is delayed owing to the Team's Personal Life Reasons.

TeamFlix ❤️
Ummm So As Not All Stories Have Happy Ending We Deeply Regret Announcing That Our Server Host As Completely Deleted Our Flixplay Files Along With Other Important Stuffs Due To Technical Issue. While We Are Sitting Clueless, Thinking About What To Do, We Don't Want Our Users To Face Our Situation, Thus As A Compensation We Are Extending All Of Your Elites Days By A Week(7 Days)

We Are ReAdding Movies Servers From Scratch.
For Any Issue contact @Flixtv_supportBot
All the users who want to get benefit of extra 7 days. Please Note, You need to have active subscription. We will credit extra days on Saturday evening. So kindly renew your Elite accordingly to avoid loosing benefit.
You Can Buy/Renew Flixtv Elite Subscription Now
Repaired/Fixed Movies Servers
-> Venus Movies
-> Hamster Movies
-> Owl Movvies
-> Mango Movies
-> Cinelog Movies
-> Mallow Movies

Additional Server
-> Dolphin Movies - This server is for very low quality movie lovers.
* Quality Available = 240p & 480p


More Movies Sections Will Be Added Soon
Series Sections Will Be Fixed After Repairing Whole Movies Sections


What Are You Waiting For? Buy The Elite/Premium Subscription Now From @FlixtvPatronBot
Any Issue? Contact Us At @flixtv_supportBot
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If any movie, Series isn't working for you
kindly use the vpn we posted at @freemoviesflixtv

if it's still not working even after using vpn, you are welcome to report the content at @flixtv_elites

please note, series servers are under maintenance so don't report about them
As promised, we have added extra 7 days to existing Premium Users.
Get Premium Elite Pack (Costs ₹ 1 / Day) from @flixtvpatronbot
Say Hello To Our Fastest Movies Server
-> Tulip Movies

Now Enjoy Movies In 1080p Even At Very Slow Internet Connection

This Section Have 3 Video Quality - > 360p,720p,1080p

More Movies Sections Will Be Added Soon
Series Sections Will Be Fixed After Repairing Whole Movies Sections


What Are You Waiting For? Buy The Elite/Premium Subscription Now From @FlixtvPatronBot
Any Issue? Contact Us At @flixtv_supportBot
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For All தமிழ் Users Out There, We Have Awesome News For You.

We Have Added A Special Dedicated Movies/Series Server For Tamil People.

It Has All A-Z Tamil/Tamil Dubbed Movie Release Till Date

Server Name : 𝚃𝙾𝙽𝚇

Enjoy Every Tamil Movie In Your Own Mother Language ❤️

So What Are You Waiting For? Come Join Us On This Ride @flixtvpatronbot

Need Help? Contact Us At @Flixtv_supportBot
Happy To Tell You Guys, We Have Started Series Maintenance From Today. We are trying our best to sort out things asap. Movies are working Fine Now, More Movies Section will be added soon.

You can enjoy adult contents by requesting to disable Kids mode from bot @flixtv_adult_bot. Scroll down to Exclusive Section to find more Adult Stuffs. More adult stuffs on the way.
Movie Request Session is open for now!! 😍

Rules for request:

📌 Search thoroughly in app before requesting. If requested movie is already found in app you will get a warning. 3 warnings and you will be banned from the group permanently.

📌 No Live TV & Series Request Will Be Accepted for this session.

📌 Request completion might take upto 5 days so once requested don't spam the same request again and again.

📌 Only 1 request per person per day allowed

Request in proper format,
#request (*ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛ ʜᴀsʜᴛᴀɢ ᴍᴜsᴛ)
movie name : ____
year : ___
language : ___
quality : 480p/720p/1080p/4K

Requests without above given format will be rejected.

Join Dedicated Eliters Group To Request Now!! @flixtv_elites