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Q. My App Is Not Working

- There A High Possibility That An Update Has Rolled Out And You Haven't Updated Your App. So Please Check For Any Possible Update And If The Problem Persists Then Contact Support.
Q. I Can't Download/Stream Any Video

- One Of The Main Reason Of This Issue Is Copyright Claims Which Results Into Deletion Of Movies/Series From Our Servers. Another Reason For This Issue Is Your ISP , If Your ISP Doesn't Supports Our Servers We Can't Help It.
Q. I Can't Update My App

- Only Solution For This Question Is Always Use The Authenticated Application Provided By FlixTV. You Can Also Download Update From Here
Q. How To Login/Sign-Up?

- You Can Use FlixPlay Or Our Android App To Login Or Sign-Up And Start Using Our Services.

NOTE : We Don't Store Any Credentials Or Information Regarding Users.
Q. X-Access-Token Required

- Go To Settings > Date And Time > Set Time-Zone And Time To Auto

If The Above Doesn't Works Then,

- Uninstall And Reinstall App.

These Simple Steps Will Fix This Issue.
Q. Is FlixTV Free Or Paid

- FlixTV Has Always Been Free From The Very Start. We Hate ADs So We Don't Use Any ADs But Running This Huge Project Requires Hefty Amount Of Capital Which Are Thankfully Covered By Our Donators As Well As TeamFlix. So FlixTV Is Free For All However You Can Support Us By Donating A Minimum Amount Of 25₹
Q. FlixTV Not Working On Android TV

- FlixTV Is An Mobile Application Which Isn't Optimised Thoroughly For Android TV Yet So There Might Be Some Major As Well As Minor Issues While Using FlixTV On Android TVs. However Give It A Shot By Installing It And Leave The Rest On To Your Luck.
Q. FlixTV Not Working On Android v4/5/6

- FlixTV Doesn't Supports Android Version Lower Than 7.x (Nougat) However Some Exception Device Running On Marshmallow Supports FlixTV Flawlessly So Give It A Shot Installing FlixTV Who Knows It May Work For You As Well.
Q. Donated But Voucher Not Received

- Verification Of Donation Is A Manual Process Which Requires Time So Please Wait Atleast 30-60 Minutes If You Haven't Received Your Voucher After The Time Period Please Tag Any Admin In Support Group.
Q. Some Contents Are Missing

- Contents On FlixTV Are Updated On Daily Basis However Users Have To Wait Till The Request Section Opens On Saturday To Request The Desired Contents. However Donators/Elite Users Can Request Content AnyTime In The Support Group.
Q. Streaming Is Very Slow

- ISP Throttling Is The Main Issue For Speed Related Issues So Always Check Your Internet Speed Before Complaining However You Can Try Using VPN To Tackle This Issue.
FlixTV FAQs pinned «FlixTV FAQs Was Created To Save Time And Resources Of TeamFlix As Well As The Users. Here Are The Solutions To Common Issues/Query Asked By Users. 1. My App Is Not Working 2. I Can't Download/Stream Any Video 3. I Can't Update My App 4. How To Login/Sign…»
Q. When Can I Request Content?

- Basic Users Are Limited To Request Contents On Every Saturday As The Request Session Starts.
- Elites 3rd Tier Users Can Request Upto 3 Movies / 1 Series Each Day.
- Elite 2nd/1st Tier Users Can Request Contents In The Elite Group They Have Special Access To.
Q. How To Enable Brightness Toggle?

- Go To Your Profile Page And Click On Brightness/Volume Control And Give The Required Permission To Enable Brightness Toggle.
Q. Overlapped (Double) Sounds Coming From Android TV

- It's Already Been Looked Into, However You Know That FlixTV Is An Android App It's Not Optimised Thoroughly For Android TV So We Can't Guarantee Any Urgent Fix.

- Currently The Only Solution For This Issue Is To Force Close The App.