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Channel for major announcements regarding Catalyst. See @catalystapp for discussion.

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Our new name is Catalyst! Please bear with us as we migrate accounts/domains/etc.
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The chat can be found at @catalystapp and the announcement chat at @catalystapp_announcements
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Our official social media presences! Feel free to follow/watch/like/etc! They will be filled with more content in the near future. If you want to potentially help run one, please PM me.
The tumblr should be, sorry
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about to send out an email update and wanted to make sure all of you were on our email list! If you aren't, you can either PM me your email or add your email over at !
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As we grow, it is necessary to move beta testing out of this channel. Additionally, we have created an application. Whether or not you already are a beta tester, or you would like to be one, please complete this form. Once you do, we will approve you and share with you the beta information.
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Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
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and that's since Jan 7
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Our Discord is up to 100 members!
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I’m looking to improve the way terms of service is handled on our site! If you yourself have a ToS, please share it either in PM or here ! If you’ve have seen what you thought was a good one, share it! Or, if you think there are a few things every artist (or maker/builder/etc) should have, make a note in here as well! I want to have a sample TOS page, so you can choose options for categories
Like under “refund policy”, you could choose between “no refunds until 6 months”, “partial refund before I’ve started”, etc. You’d still be able to make your own, this would just be a reference you could use for examples (and for those without a TOS to get started!)
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I'm currently working on commission types - please let me know what you want to see!
What you think artists should include, what you would include if you were an artist, etc! These are for what creators offer (for example headshots, ref sheets, etc).
Here's what we currently have, feedback on anything is great!
- Name
- Brief blurb (<255 chars)
- Full description, markdown
- Cost (in custom units (other currencies, points, whatever) and USD (sorting/searching)
- Attributes (think "tags" on some sites, ways you can search for things easily)
- Physical address required (yes/no, for shipping)
- Open for quotes
- Open for commissions
- Accepted payments (type, address, instructions, the latter two only shown once quote is approved)
- Stages (e.g. sketching, lineart, etc)
- Modifiers (think of this like order a pizza, you could add stuff like additional shipping, shading, etc)
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Everyone here go wish @Lykai an amazing birthday!